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About Us

About Us

SCT plays an important role in the promotion and development of nation and state through culture and creativity, manifested in social, economic, cultural, spiritual and other activities related to gender and youth empowerment. SCT represents and set of stored attitudes, values, goals and practices.

Collecting and protecting art, culture, literature, music and dance of Odisha with the publicity of same. Mobilize, inspire and connect talents for a sustainable future with less conflict.

Aiming to establish peace and harmony and a sustainable planet. Since ages the people of Odisha have always been spreading the message of humanity. SCT aims to provide various forms of art like Sand art, Sculptures, Fine arts, Literature, Music, Dance, which is proudly referred to as “Panch Kala”.

The proliferation of the Jagannath Culture is not confined with spiritual discourse. Our organization is taking initiatives to highlight the rich traditions and pass on to the coming generations in various form by using forgotten art & culture like Bhasbad Tungis, Kirtan, Pala, Daskathia, Sahi Jata, Bara Masa Tera Parba etc.

STHAPANA is not just a concept, it is an awakening of the inner self.

We believe in values and in creating values.
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